"LBB was an invaluable session that provided real insight into creative strategy, brand identity and how to represent oneself and one's business in this fast moving world.

The talk was brimming with passion and wisdom and unlike a lot of events of this kind I found it really engaging. This is testament to Steph and Ansel who speak with real confidence and verve about what they know. I shall most definitely be recommending them." 

Grant Dudson — Drive Productions

"Let's Be Brief has opened the eyes of our entrepreneurs to a whole new world! The valuable insights that were gained during LBB's workshops have equipped them with the knowledge and inspiration they need to take their brand to the next level."


Andre Damian — The Global Accelerator / The Collective 

“LBB’s pop school couldn’t have happened at a better timing for me. I have just moved to my new office premises, while rethinking my whole business strategy and branding. 

The seminars and workshops brought together at the pop up school have opened my mind to an easy and practical way to build my business model while giving me a fresh outlook on successful business branding. 

As a creative professional I have limited understanding of business matters as I tend to focus my time and attention on the artistic aspect of my work. 

I feel that LBB’s Pop-Up School has provided a missing link for the development and growth of small to medium size business. I would surely enrol myself to more future pop up school lessons.” 

Nikos Tsogkas — Freelance Photographer

“The Let’s Be Brief Pop-Up School is a fantastic addition to the Shoreditch House calendar — Focussed on business within the creative industries, the pop-up sessions created a great platform for young people, freelancers and those looking for some solid grounding in Business Trends, branding, project management and much more.”  

Jade Coles — Shoreditch House

“I have always followed LBB online and love the site so when I heard they were doing a workshop, I was there. Working in music and having someone I admire personally in Femi from NTS speaking initially caught my attention.

The team had a deep personal knowledge and passion for the subject matter. It felt like the questions asked were what I would have liked to ask without knowing it yet…basically.” 

Andy Lemay — Dimensions Festival

[LBB’s super talented founders] ‘stir the cultural soup’... and if you have a creative enterprise, we suggest you get up and get along!

LCC — University of the Arts

"Workshops like this help you pinch the best ideas and advice from people that have been there and done it... whilst getting inspired and making new connections at the same time!"


Henry Trew — Bootstrap Campus / Dalston Roof Park




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