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The old adage is that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same can be said for brand building.

Creating and sustaining both brand perception and customer behaviour is a strategic and creative exercise. The Brand Building workshop is a master class that helps brands, businesses and creative professionals define their brand proposition and tone of voice.

Delivered by cultural journal and creative agency Let’s Be Brief, participants will be taken through a range of in-class exercises and case studies that will provide an essential toolkit for galvanizing and communicating their brand message.


LBB founders Stephanie McLaren-Neckles and Ansel Neckles have experience working both with big-brands and helping bring creative start-ups to market. As an agency they’ve worked with Louis Vuitton, Virgin Media Pioneers, Legal & General and Boxpark. In 2012 the pair won Best New Business from University of the Arts.

Prior to LBB, Ansel plied his trade as an Art Director / Copywriter with agencies such as Tribal DDB and Saatchi & Saatchi, working on a range of campaigns for brands such as Volkswagen, Guardian, Pampers and Speedos.

Stephanie has worked across creative industry. Stephanie started off in television (Trouble / MTV) before co-founding fashion label Sexie Booda, which retailed in high streets stores such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters.




June 3, 2014 - No Comments!

Tell Don’t Sell – Modern Marketing

Traditional advertising has long lost its allure. Consumers, clients, customers have not only developed a sophisticated understanding of communications, but now expect relevant engagement in the right places and spaces.

Creative businesses have a great opportunity to utilise this trend to their advantage.

Delivered by cultural journal and creative agency Let’s Be Brief, the ‘Tell Don’t Sell’ master class will discuss and assess self-initiated projects from creative industry practitioners and brands themselves. Discover why the ‘telling, not selling’ approach will get you noticed.



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"[LBB’s super talented founders] ‘stir the cultural soup’.. and if you have a creative enterprise we suggest you get up and get along!"

LCC – University of the Arts

“I have always followed LBB online and love the site so when I heard they were doing a workshop I was there.

Working in music and having someone I admire personally in Femi from NTS speaking initially caught my attention.

The team had a deep personal knowledge and passion for the subject matter. It felt like the questions asked were what I would have liked to ask without knowing it yet...basically.”

Andy Lemay — Outlook / Dimensions festival

“LBB's pop school couldn't have happened at a better timing for me. I have just moved to my new office premises, while rethinking my whole business strategy and branding.

The seminars and workshops brought together at the pop up school have opened my mind to an easy and practical way to build my business model while giving me a fresh outlook on successful business branding.

As a creative professional I have limited understanding of business matters as I tend to focus my time and attention on the artistic aspect of my work.

I feel that LBB's Pop-Up School has provided a missing link for the development and growth of small to medium size business. I would surely enrol myself to more future pop up school lessons.”

Nikos Tsogkas — Freelance Photographer

“Lyrix Organix found LBB's Pop-Up School to be both inspiring and enlightening. Our organisation is at a crucial stage in our development - and LBB's expertise in bringing together this innovative and diverse programme was perfectly timed!

The Business Model workshop offered a comprehensive insight into business plans with excellent tutoring and ongoing support. We also loved the opportunity to hear from LBB themselves about branding. Overall it was an excellent Pop-Up School with essential resources for every creative business - and we got to meet some amazing new friends in the process!”

Dan Tsu — Lyrix Organix


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"LBB understand the most important challenge facing the 21st Century: winning the future.

The old cliché “paradigm shift” has never applied as strongly as it does now as we face a second Gutenberg Revolution: the challenge that the digital world presents to the world we live in now.

LBB add a twist to this: a deep understanding about paying it forward. They Do. They Share. They Pass It On . Creativity, Commitment, Community. Cohesion.

As the world gets smaller, LBB finds and develops the big parts."

Bonnie Greer - Author & Cultural Commentator

Let's Be Brief

Let's Be Brief (LBB) is a platform that bridges the gap between culture & business for creative entrepreneurs and community.

We create / curate content and events to both upskill & champion creative entrepreneurs.

Want to work with us? Find out more about our agency and consultancy arm here.


The 21st century is a complex place. We live in a time where despite an unbridled access to information, attention spans are shorter than ever.

The potential for ‘opportunity’ is greater, yet the divide between the have’s and have not’s continues to widen; making the need for insight, knowledge and critical thought all the more poignant.

In order for meaningful transformation to occur and for society to create, produce and do great things, we needed to equip modern thinkers, doers and leaders with a new toolkit.

We believe education doesn’t only work in silos of four walls or glaring screens; it thrives in places where you might not look for it.

LBB is creative learning & practise 21st Century style. We do not fit neatly into prescriptive boxes. Instead we run with the beta. We choose transformation, over categorisation, because that’s where the excitement lies. // @letsbebriefcrew